Storage Building Built Over Side of Hill

In the backyard of a home just outside Winston Salem, we recently completed the construction of a 2-story 240 sq. ft. storage building. The first floor houses a shop while the second floor is used for storage. What made this project unique is that one side of the building rests on flat ground, while the other spans over a 12-foot drop in the ground. We buried posts deep in the ground to support the structure that we built entirely on site.
The entire unit is built with non-rot material and a water-proof sub-floor. Other features include windows, a drop-down set of stairs to access the floored upstairs and trenched power with a panel to allow access to outlets and lighting. If you are interested in adding an exterior storage structure to your backyard, contact us today for a free estimate.

Front Doors Closed Underneath Storage Unit Interior of Storage Unit
Unit Side Stairwell Open Upstairs