Summerfield Master Bathroom Renovation

During our latest master bathroom renovation in Summerfield just outside Burlington, we completely transformed a cramped space with poor function into a spacious bathroom with a luxurious shower, large picture window over a soaking tub and double vanities. We dramatically improved the layout by adding around twenty square feet and rearranging the space. In fact, the stunning tile shower with three different shower heads used to be a storage closet!

If you are anyone you know is interested in expanding and/or improving home, contact us today. We would love to discuss your master bathroom renovation with you and will happily provide you with a free estimate.

Summerfield Master Bath Renovation Summerfield Tub

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Summerfield Shower Inlay Tile Summerfield Tile Shower Floor Modern Drain
Summerfield Tile Shower Summerfield Rain and Shower Head Summerfield Hand-Held Shower Wand